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Queers, Questions and Cocktails: Pop culture trivia LGBT podcast

Can you arrange a list of Rocky Horror actors by age? Do you know who the first queer Nintendo character was?
Or what’s in a Sex On My Face cocktail?

Play along with
Queers, Questions and Cocktails.

Featuring weird news, queer stories, cocktail recipes, pop culture tidbits, world facts, drunken debates. 

Featured podcast - 2019 Ottawa Podcast Festival

Best Podcast nominee - 2019 Faces of Ottawa Awards - Faces Magazine

Press - Ottawa Life Magazine

Aug 13, 2019

QQC is delving into unfamiliar territory with this episode themed around the testo-esto love affair (and general sexuality, which we are very familiar with) as a sort of anti-Pride.  

Join Vesna, Amanda, Sarah and Bradley as we match with each other on Tinder, make the connection between tzatziki sauce and pederasty and sign up for foot fetishist research studies. 

Queers, Questions and Cocktails will close out the inaugural Ottawa Podcast Festival, Saturday, August 24 at Live on Elgin! Our show will be Pride-themed to celebrate Capital Pride weekend. We go on around 11pm but the day starts at 1pm. There are lots of awesome, pop culture-focused, local podcasts to check out. Visit OPF site for all the details and tickets. Use the code PODFAN2019 for $5 off. 

Straight To Bed

*Half shots of Triple Sec, cognac and white rum

*Quarter shots of blue curacao and lemon juice

*Cut with orange juice

*Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass


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