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Queers, Questions and Cocktails: Pop culture trivia LGBT podcast

Can you arrange a list of Rocky Horror actors by age? Do you know who the first queer Nintendo character was?
Or what’s in a Sex On My Face cocktail?

Play along with
Queers, Questions and Cocktails.

Featuring weird news, queer stories, cocktail recipes, pop culture tidbits, world facts, drunken debates. 

Featured podcast - 2019 Ottawa Podcast Festival

Best Podcast nominee - 2019 Faces of Ottawa Awards - Faces Magazine

Press - Ottawa Life Magazine

Apr 13, 2020

Break quarantine with Queers, Questions and Cocktails.

Take a vacation from your living room to tropical islands for Pina Coladas and abundant geography trivia. 

On this episode, Bradley welcomes QQC neophyte Karl, Taylor, and Canqueer's Luke to speculate about Tiger King Joe's sex life, play the coronavirus island Animal Crossing DLC and plan our pandemic crime sprees. 

An improvement over last week's entry, we're working on boosting our online recording quality. Stay safe and wash your hands. 

Pina Colada

*Combine 6-7 chunks of pineapple, 50 ml of coconut rum, 50 ml of pineapple juice, a tablespoon of coconut cream, a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of coconut water in a blender. Mix and serve in a chilled hurricane glass. Garnish with a slice of pineapple and shaved coconut.


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